1. Japanese Brand stylish flip-flops
2. Popular among Japanese youth & Celebrities
3. Durable, Anti-slip, Comfortable
4. Great variety of colors, Extensive selection
5. Favorite of Japanese Super Idol Group "ARASHI"

Gyosan are stylish flip-flops “MADE IN JAPAN”. Gyosan have been very popular among Japanese youth since the year 2000. Originally, Gyosan were local sandals worn in Ogasawara islands because their durability and anti-slip effect were loved by local fishermen. Around 2000, Gyosan gained popularity in mainland Japan developing the variety of colors and styles. Gyosan won the favor of Scuba Divers, Surfers, Fishermen, and Hula-dancers. Some celebrities introduced Gyosan as their fashionable footwear, and their reputation spread nationwide.

gyosan_Mark of Quality

<Mark of Quality>

Engraved brand mark of “PEARL” guarantees the quality of “MADE IN JAPAN”. PEARL is the authentic manufacturer of GYOSAN.

secret of gyosan-
gyosan_Single-piece Structure

<Single-piece Structure>

Gyosan is made of single-piece. There is NO joint between sole and thong. The durability is second to none. That’s why so many professionals love Gyosan.

gyosan_Anti-slip cutting-

<Anti-slip cutting>

The secret of Gyosan’s Anti-slip effect lies in its cutting. The technical cutting* grip the slippery ground. You will not slip anymore on wet floor, deck board and rocky shore. (*There are two types of cutting depending on the styles.)

<The chosen one by Japanese Super Idol group "ARASHI".>

In 2009, Satoshi Ohno, the leader of the most popular Japanese idol group “ARASHI”, introduced GYOSAN in the famous TV show. That became the breakthrough for GYOSAN.
Mr. Ohno is well known as a fishing lover. He became fond of GYOSAN personally, and introduced GYOSAN in a famous TV show not only as the fisherman’s sandal, but as the stylish casual footwear.(left) The feedback was immense. Even during the program was still on the air, the phone call for order kept on ringing. The color he wore was sold out in a minute.
In the other show, Mr. Ohno introduced his original style to wear different colors on each foot.(right) Many fans of ARASHI rushed to get GYOSAN, and followed his style.
Mr. Ohno wears GYOSAN even during the concert of ARASHI. GYOSAN is one of the well-known items among fans of ARASHI.
The Big Wave of GYOSAN caused by Mr. Ohno overwhelmed over Japan. And the Big Wave is coming out of JAPAN!!!

ohno_gyosan1 ohno_gyosan2

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$ 18.93


GYOSAN "Metallic" Lady's

$ 17.95


GYOSAN "Clear" Men's

$ 18.93


GYOSAN "Clear" Lady's

$ 17.95